About Dale Sorenson

Dale A. Sorenson, Ph.D. was Founder and President of Waverly Auctions from 1978 – 2004, for nearly 200 auctions he appraised and cataloged fine and rare books, maps and atlases, fine prints and graphics, autographs and manuscripts. Waverly Auctions was located for most of those years in Bethesda, Maryland. During that time and serving both a domestic and international demand, Waverly Auctions was held in high esteem for integrity and honesty, and accuracy in cataloging.

In 2004, Waverly Auctions was sold to Quinns Auctions in Falls Church, Virginia, where he was employed for five years as Director of Waverly Auctions. Upon retirement from that endeavor, he has developed an appraisal and consulting business in those areas he has appraised and cataloged for over 30 years.

To become apprised of the most recent personal property appraisal standards, in June of 2008 he attended and successfully passed the Appraisal Course Associates’ 6-day on-site course, “Appraising Personal Property: A Core Course in Valuation Studies Featuring USPAP.” The course was taught by William M. Novotny, ISA AM, and Dave Maloney, AOA CM.